BestYums is created for food lovers around the globe. BestYums offers users the ability to rank their dishes or meals in a restaurant that they can find near them. Foodies can share their food photos, rank their experience with that specific dish instead of the whole restaurant and share their reviews on the with other food lovers.

BestYums Goals:

  •     Guarantees you won’t have a bad meal anymore.
  •     Help discover hidden dishes and try new dishes near you.
  •     Guide tourists to best meals in town that they must try.
  •     Help restaurants improve their offered dishes in a menu.

How it Works?

  •     Select the city from the drop down list then press MENU DISHES to view the top dishes in town.


  •     Type the restaurant name in the Search For box then press SEARCH to list the top dishes offered at the restaurant.


  •     Type the dish or food keyword in the Search For box then press SEARCH to list the top dishes with that keyword near you.

Rating System:

Worth Traveling for!
A Must Eat!
One of The Best in Town
I am satisfied
hmmm..its ok!
I should’ve listened to my friend choice
I can cook better than this!
I am not ordering this Dish again
Are you serious?

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